The Conceptual and Didactical Core is aimed at providing adult educations with a relevant theoretical and pedagogical reference document to break down resistance to the masculinity of Adult Learners by teaching gender equality aspects through Emotional Intelligence.

The information provided in this document has been structured on the basis of the 7 Units of Learning Outcomes identified in the first intellectual output of the project: ECVET Educational program on Emotional Intelligence and Gender Equality Training

The Conceptual and didactical core (CDC) consists of a document analysing and describing the most relevant cutting-edge theoretical fundamentals and pedagogical approaches to support adult educators to develop gender equality training taking into account emotional competencies as a fundamental element in training men with some resistance to gender equality.

  1. Theoretical fundamentals: rules, principles, or theories on which non-conventional teaching-learning methods and resources based on emotional intelligence are based as an essential element for gender equality training aimed at men with some resistance to this issue.
  2. Pedagogical approaches: ways in which teachers apply methods and resources based on emotional competencies to break down men’s possible resistance to accessing gender equality training.


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